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Cuchara's HIgher Ground Coffee Bar

Opening May 18, 2020!

Located in beautiful Cuchara, Colorado. The coffee bar has the ambiance of the Rocky Mountains and sits on Baker Creek. Cuchara's Higher Ground proudly serves only Black Rifle Coffee, a veteran-owned and operated coffee company. A portion of the proceeds from Black Rifle go to fund various veteran organizations as well as Police, Fire, and EMS.

Cuchara's Higher Ground will have ball caps, t-shirts, mugs, travel mugs, hoddies, etc, and serves Amish Fry pies, bagels, muffins, turnovers, breakfast burritos, and future lunch items; as well as smoothies, lattes cappuccinos, italian sodas, protein drinks, etc ... and just about anything else you will find in one of those other (chain) coffee establishments except our coffee actually tastes good.

Opeh May 18 with grand opening beginning on Friday May 22 (Memorial Day Weekend). Open 7-2 everyday but Sunday, throughout the summer and fall seasons.

Capture Colorado Mountain Properties Cuchara's offices are also located at the 90 Panadero location, so also come and look at what is new in the Real Estate market while enjoying Baker Creekside and a Great Cup of Coffee

Street Address:
90 Panadero Ave, Cuchara CO 81055

Business owner:
Mike & Jacky Christian

(719) 742-5553