La Veta Cuchara Chamber


LVSA iPhone/Android
Camera Workshop


Jun. 16 — 17, 2018

Heather Curtis $150

Bring your iPhone/Android/iPad/Tablet (mobile device with a camera) to this fun class and learn how to take spectacular photos with just your phone. Using some clip-on lenses, we will zoom into the world of macro and fisheye photography and then learn to manipulate the images through a free app called Snapseed. Day one, we will go over the iPhone/Android in detail, and then take a stroll around town shooting images. Day Two, we will edit our photos using some free online apps. Bring your chargers, and cables, and clip-on lenses that y0ou may have. LVSA has Wi-Fi.

Register online at If you have any questions, call 719-742-3421 or email