Upcoming Events

An Afternoon of Poetry

Sat, Jan, 25 2020

Chinese New Year at Tom Doerk?s home, 120 W Grand, La Veta. Bring poems to read (your own or other favorites!). For more information, contact Tom at 742-3776 or Robin at 742-3398

Spanish Peaks Wilderness

A.k.a Wahatoya Region

In Southern Colorado, there's an immense area where few go. Some enjoy the Nature, away from the crowded trails and resorts. Some come for the adventure. Some even stay.

What to do?

Follow trails through tall evergreens and quaking aspens. Stand on rock outcroppings and survey the valleys and vistas as they tumble upon each other to the horizon. Sit under a tree and listen...to the songs of the birds, the wind, the trees...the song of the mountains. Relax you're in the Cuchara Valley.