Upcoming Events

La Veta Yoga Studio

Thu, Jan, 23 2020

Now offering the next 6 week series of Somatic Rejuvenation classes. $50 for the entire series, or $12 drop-in per class. Those who have not tried a Somatic Rejuvenation class before may come one time at no charge to try it out. This practice uses slow, gentle sliding and gliding movements all done on the mat to balance and restore the body and calm the mind. It can relieve tension, stiffness, and fatigue, and foster healing. So long as you are able to get up and down from the floor by yourself (you may use a chair to push up on), you should be able to participate in this practice. It is recommended for all ages and can be of great benefit to seniors.

Spanish Peaks Wilderness

A.k.a Wahatoya Region

In Southern Colorado, there's an immense area where few go. Some enjoy the Nature, away from the crowded trails and resorts. Some come for the adventure. Some even stay.

What to do?

Follow trails through tall evergreens and quaking aspens. Stand on rock outcroppings and survey the valleys and vistas as they tumble upon each other to the horizon. Sit under a tree and listen...to the songs of the birds, the wind, the trees...the song of the mountains. Relax you're in the Cuchara Valley.