La Veta Cuchara Chamber


LVPL Living Your Life


Fri, Nov. 10, 2017 2:00pm

Nov 10: DIABETES - CAUSE AND EFFECTS presented by Audrey Reno, RN, BSN.

Audrey will discuss what Diabetes is, who to diagnose symptoms, when we need help, food, and long term effects, and how to live with it. Have you ever wondered about this prominent disease that affects 30.3 million Americans, of which 7.2 remain undiagnosed according to a CDC stat report? Audrey will present pertinent information on how we can maintain healthy living now and in the future with Diabetes.

The Living Your Life Well offerings are the result of a collaboration between the La Veta Village and Friends of the La Veta Library. For more information, contact 719-742-3572 or As always at the library, this program is free to all.